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Why invest in Bali and Indonesia, is a good idea

invest in BaliBali, the aptly named ” Island of the Gods” , was found in 2013 first dream destination by the Huffington Post. Its location at the crossroads of Asia, its cultural distinctiveness and its beautiful landscapes, make major assets for tourism development … Indonesia , especially Bali, and have known for nearly a decade breakneck growth. To accompany this momentum and support equally optimistic forecasts coming years, a new international airport was born in 2013 , so as to triple the volume of air traffic. A second is under construction north of the island, near Lovina .

With an annual economic growth of 7 % , investment opportunities abound, as often elsewhere in the world , for all types of projects and all portfolios. Whether for a small or large investment project ( financial investment , extra income ) or a life plan (retirement, change of life, a second home ) , Bali became in a few years a top destination for investment in Asia .
The real estate market is currently boosted by strong demand and supply of a wide variety of goods and quality. Meanwhile, the new upmarket hotels can give a competitive advantage to villas with a more attractive rental offers in terms of price and service . A pleasant climate throughout the year also provides exceptional rates of neighboring fills 70 to 90 % depending on the sector , with financial depreciation of 5 to 7 years on average.

Another highlight : the Indonesian rupiah knows its lowest level in several years . Expatriates and investors benefit from a power purchase unrivaled for exceptional comfort life : personal , household, construction and luxurious furnishings , leisure, travel … Bali remains a paradise for cheap !

And then … forget the dullness of your country. Finished the season (at least 3 : fall, winter , spring) … there exists only one , that you expect throughout the year, one that gives you a tanned complexion, with an average of 30 ° c ! In addition to the very favorable climate , Bali is known as relaxing and rejuvenating : diversity and natural splendor of its tropical scenery , tormented beauty of its Hindu temples, reputation for kindness and tolerance of its inhabitants …

At all times , Bali experienced a melting pot of cultures and this continues today with a melting pot in the expat community ( French , Italian , Dutch, Chinese , Brazilian, Australian ) which are received sympathetically by the Balinese , contrary to goods from other countries .

Also, ” Invest in Paradise ” offers to accompany you in your project , whether to seize real opportunities for acquisitions or to simplify and advise your administrative and legal proceedings. In addition to expertise in the property market in Bali , we also have a catalog of land in the neighboring islands of Sunda (Flores , Sumba … ) .

How invest in Bali

Several means are available to you to acquire property . There are two main articles of land tenure in Indonesia:

The Contract nominee said Indonesian Freehold

Since only an Indonesian citizen may own land , the property is purchased before a notary in his name. The nominee is required to sign several documents giving you full power on your acquisition simultaneously :
– A loan agreement stating that the nominee you borrowed money for a sum equivalent to the purchase price of the land or the house.
– An irrevocable power of attorney authorizing you to sell , mortgage, lease and otherwise use the property without his permission.
– A guaranteed right of permanent use in case of death of the nominee.
– A certificate stating that he is the owner of “shadow ” of the property .

The lease long said Leasehold

It is a lease of up to 25 years , renewable once, signed before a notary . This type of contract is open to all nationalities. It gives you all the power to modify , build, commercially exploit or relet the premises. It automatically terminates to an end. In the case of acquisition of land , all these constructions will return automatically to the owner of the land unless special mentions at the signing before the notary.


Why invest in Bali and Indonesia

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How invest in Bali and Idonesia

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