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Visit Bali – Activities / key locations

This article describes places not to miss in Bali. I invite you to discover in words and pictures of places or things you absolutely must do if you come to Bali.



    Diving activity must in Bali. The island offers beautiful spots worth visiting. Nusa Penida, Gili Islands, the islands of Menjangan offers beautiful seabed. You will have the opportunity to observe ground fish observed see rare fish such as sunfish.



piscine ubudYou can not go to Bali without going through the beautiful area of ​​Ubud. Landscapes, activities and hotels that offer this area are simply beautiful. You do not go to Ubud without going through the monkey forest, a lovely time but attention to your hats and camera monkeys will be a perverse pleasure you prick. Around Ubud are the most interesting, visiting rice fields, temples, some waterfalls, coffee plantations nothing as to take full eyes two or three days. Tired of your trip to Ubud? So enjoy infinity pools, proposed care and quality of rooms to use a little strength before following your journey. Ideal place to enjoy nature and a good massage.

Green rice terraces in Bali, Indonesia

      Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Bali to see a beautiful sunset. Avoid beaches such as Kuta beach or group of person for this show is important. Move back towards Jimbaran, Echo Beach Seminyak beach or see this beautiful moment in peace.

w12Remember the Island of Gods has many volcano, much of which are activities. Do not miss Mount Batur, Kintamani to. I advise you to rise happy to watch the sunrise. You can also see the sunrise from Mount Agung, the highest point on the island.

You can not expect to come to Bali without tasting the good waves and good beaches of Bali. A surfing activity will you then the greater good alongside experienced instructor and wave quality. Bali is known for the best surfing spots in the world. There is something for all levels. If you want to try for the first time Kuta beach is an ideal spot for you. For more experienced Canggu beaches will satisfy you fully, waves well trained mostly with a lot of amplitude. For more experienced you venture to Uluwatu with big pretty dangerous but beautiful waves. At least make sure you do not surf anywhere, rocks are numerous and an accident can happen. But if you do not like surfing but want to enjoy the beaches, Balangan, Padang beach, Uluwatu, finn’s … will satisfy you and you émerveillerons. Turquoise water surrounded by cliffs, a short “heavenly” place to enjoy the beach and water at an ideal temperature.


vaguesvagues 2

If you came to visit, but also to enjoy the Balinese evenings. Several choices are available to you, you can immerse yourself in Kuta with a variety of box and bar with the largest box of the island, the “sky garden”. You may prefer a slightly more chic but still good atmosphere, then join the town of Seminyak which will offer numerous bars and the atmosphere is festive and pleasant. Another solution is offered to you one of my favorite, evenings at the beach, which are numerous on the coast of the island. Area of Padang Padang offer many evenings at the beach in a breathtaking setting. If I had to refer you to a particular place, I tell you to go to Padang Padang beach or frame is simply amazing between two cliffs and the sea just off, what else …!


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