Sumba Wulla Resort


ID: #26613
Price: 55,738 $
Type: Land
Contract: Freehold
Location: Sumba
Area: 4Ares

Field in Sumba Ulla

Location :
Located on the east side of the Sumba island, this field on the seaside is only 1h30 away from the Waingapu airport. A beautiful white-sand beach runs along the field.

Characteritics :
4 hectares Field. This land is set in a really sumptuous postcard decor. It is well located for a project of resort construction, easy to access, a road has already been built.

Price 800 000 000 IDR / 55 738 US$ /hectare on freehold based on the daly change rate.
Area : 4 hectares

This field is sold with certificates
Highlight : PMA (100% foreign company)

Let’s give a look at the beach :

About Sumba:
Sumba is an island in the SE of Indonesia with a population of c.500,000.
Geologically the island is a continental fragment which broke off from Africa or Australia and floated up to the ridge of line of Volcanic Islands where it has settled.
It lies south of Sumbawa and Flores and to the West of Timor (also a continental fragment).
As a consequence its rock base is largely coral limestone with an average soil cover of between 0cm and 10cm in many regions.
This makes agriculture in the more barren regions virtually impossible and enhances the value of the few fertile basins in the East and the more fertile and wet west.
The Island is divided into four administrative regions. East Sumba being the largest with its capital in Waingapu. The former West Sumba district has just been dived into three: Central Sumba, West Sumba and South West Sumba.

More about Sumba island

General amenities

  • accès plage



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