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Investing in Sumba wild!

Investing in Sumba wild! Many of you have asked us how to get a piece of paradise on a sandy beach in Indonesia at a very affordable price Most of the time the answer is Sumba! Discover our offer of land for sale in Freehold on Sumba.

Sumba is twice as big as Bali, it is sparsely populated and has a beautiful nature including its coastline.
Bill and Melinda Gates have their foundation in Sumba. Richard Branson and Albert of Monaco to go on vacation.
This is becoming the new Eldorado for investors seeking exceptional products!

Sumba is also a paradise for surfing!


Sumba is an Indonesian Southeast Asia island. It is part of the small Sunda Islands and falls within the province of the small islands of the Eastern probe.
The island is located southeast of Sumbawa island, southwest of Flores Island, west of Timor Island and north of Australia.

It has an area of ​​11,153 km², about 220 km long and 40 to more than 70 km wide.
The highest point is Gunung Wanggameti with 1225 meter mountain in the south of the island.
The island had a population of 685,184 inhabitants at the 2010 census.

The main town of Sumba is Waingapu, with a population of about 50,500 inhabitants.

Between 25% and 30% of the population practice traditional religion called marapu. the rest is Christian, mostly Calvinist but with a significant Catholic minority. A small number of Muslims are found in coastal areas.

The people of Sumba speak languages ​​of the subgroup called “BimaSumba” of the Malayo-polynésiennne branch of Austronesian languages​​.

Sumba is connected by air to Bali. The main airports are Waingapu and Tambolaka.


Investing in Sumba


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