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Bali tourism up 12,34 percent in 2013

Bali increased by 12.34 percent compared to 2012 with 2,675,836 foreign tourists between January and October 2013.
Globally, only the Australians down a bit but still the most numerous, followed by Chinese (22.22 percent), Japanese (8.32 percent), Malays (8.59 percent), and South -Koreans (9.78 percent).

Asia is the fastest growing Taiwan (34.23 percent). The Americans also rose (11.99 percent) is placing 10 th among foreign visitors. Good progress also in India (51.10 percent).
The French arrive at the top of tourists from Europe in 2013 with an increase of 14.77 percent. Then come the Dutch (12.52 percent), Germans (11.99 percent), Russians (8.36 percent) and Britaniques (3.78 percent).
Sources: Major Market – La Gazette de Bali


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